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A New Parking Policy that Will Benefit the BHS Community


Frustration from teachers, students, and preschool employees and regarding the regulation, or lack thereof, of gym parking spaces is at an all time high. Although administration has made some attempts to control who can and can not park by the gym, there has been no lasting solution. Allocating spots to sports captains for the duration of their season proved to be too difficult to monitor, as the simple red slip of red paper used to indicate captaincy could easily be duplicated. Further, as more and more students have realized that they too could pass as captains and park there, the lot has become overcrowded. The parents of students and workers in the preschool no longer have enough spaces to accommodate them. Students, teachers, and workers would benefit from this project as parking would become less of a hassle, and administration would have one less problem to worry about.

By April first, Chandler and I hope to have our plan completely worked out. We want all of the details to be worked out so that we can effectively present it to administration. By May first, we would like to have our parking pass tags completely designed and in the development stage. By June first, we hope that the plan will be completely ready to be implemented the following year. When we have finished our project, we will present our fully designed tags, which will be color coded to differentiate cars of students, teachers, and preschool workers, as well as a design for marking the physical spots by the gym accordingly. We will need to design our tags online, and produce them. We would like to utilize the 3D printer to make the tags, and would therefore need the funding to pay for all the supplies.

We are very excited about this project, as it will mutually benefit students, teachers, school employees, and administration, and therefore ameliorate the atmosphere of the school community. Not only will this simple solution to gym parking problems satisfy those who park at the gym, it will also give administration the chance to focus their time on other projects; rather than worrying that preschool workers are not being left enough parking spots, they can work to help students and staff in other ventures.