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Spiderscribe Jr.: Engaging Notes for Teachers and Students

Spiderscribe Jr. may seem like just another average note-taking app, but it is much more than that. To begin with, the app is easy to use and navigate for students and teachers of all ages. Users have the ability to add text, media, or map locations easily usinFullSizeRender.jpgg three simple buttons on the left hand side of the screen, as explained by the tutorial. The tutorial also explains how to change the size of and move images and text. Notes created on the app are easily shareable, reinforcing collaborative learning.

Bullet-point note apps can be boring or dull, but Spiderscribe Jr. allows students and teachers to create visually appealing, interesting, and engaging. Rather than listing facts, users have the ability to create a web of ideas, pictures, and any other related information. The format allows more organized and comprehensive note-taking. Text size can be adjusted or highlighted in order to organize main ideas, broad topics,  and supporting information or facts.

Adding media is much easier and effective on this app than on other note apps. The pictures can be easily adjusted and moved. They can also be connected to text bubbles in order to add explanaIMG_8842tions or captions. This app would be perfect for students organizing a group or individual project, reviewing information for tests, taking notes as they read, or taking notes in class. Teachers could utilize the interactive layout of the web format to stimulate the learning of students and allow for more interesting note taking.

The only problem that I have found with the app is the inability to share collaborative notes. Users have the ability to easily share their finished project, but there is no way for a note to be shared with another user to edit. This is a problem in the classroom setting, as group projects or group work require notes to be editable by every member of the group.

Overall, this app receives four stars out of five. Despite the unfortunate inability to collaboratively work on notes on several devices, the app is engaging. It could be used by teachers and students in nearly any subject to more effectively take notes.