Twitter-Chatting with the Best of Them:

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My first screen cast assignment was admittedly a mess. From issues with Airplay to uncharged IPads, it seemed as though I would never be able to complete it. When I tried to Airplay to Ms. Scheffer’s Mac, I had no success. After toying around with it for a few minutes, the period ended and I left without having made any progress. The next day, I came to class determined to complete the project. Once again Airplay was not working, but we had a plan to circumvent the issue. Rather than Airplaying, a classmate of mine held up my phone and videotap2016-03-11ed my IPad. I thought we had solved all of the problems, but apparently I did not. I very quickly realized just how difficult it was to record myself. It took two days and about thirty tries, but eventually I overcame the awkwardness of speaking out loud to myself about an App and finished the assignment.

I experienced first-hand how much of an impact BHS Help Desk has on not only our community, but on the world this past Wednesday. Visitors from Kuwait came to our school and were toured around by the superintendent. One of the stops along the way was in Help Desk. We explained the function of a student tech team, and elaborated on what we do when we are not helping students or teachers. Explaining what we do every day in class was a bit nerve racking, but I was able to overcome my nerves and demonstrate why Help Desk is such an interesting and necessary class. We showed them the Help Desk blog as well as our own individual blogs and talked about just a few of the projects we have done so far. It was a great experience, and it proved to me once again how important Help Desk is.

On Thursday night I pIMG_8507articipated in my first Twitter chat. Using the hashtag “#techteamMA,” I was able to answer questions and connect with teachers, students, and administrators from all over Massachusetts. Because I was at work while the chat was happening, I had to use TweetDeck to schedule my tweets in advance. I was able to check in on the chat every so often, but it was difficult for me to reply and be an active part. When I got home, I looked through the archives and was very impressed with what I saw. Not only students from BHS, but other tech team students as well as teachers were interacting and sharing ideas with ease. The diversity in the answers to questions such as, “Q2: How is your school community benefiting from your student tech team,” demonstrated how valuable tech teams are for various communities for various reasons. My takeaway from the chat was that it is crucial for students and teachers to effectively communicate for mutual benefit.


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