Our First Few Days Without Our Mentor:

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Ms. Scheffer has been a valuable resource for me and my fellow Help Desk members in our first few weeks. From teaching us proper customer service techniques, to understanding and utilizing technology, and even being cognisant of creating a professional online image of ourselves. She has been a security blanket for us; she was always there for us to turn to when we needed assistance or advice. When an amazing opportunity to travel to the Google Innovator Academy sent Ms. Scheffer to California for a few days, I was nervous about how I would handle being without her as a resource.

My nerves proved to be unnecessary, her teachings guided me through the obstacles I faced. Mrs. Riley, the school librarian, visited us in need of help posting a picture on the BHS library blog. Right off the bat we greeted her and made her feel welcome and comfortable to ask us for help. She took a seat next to us and began to explain her problem. A few of the tips and tricks Adam and I tried did not work; We could add the picture, but it came out sideways every time. We decided that because she could not save the picture to the chromebook she was using, she should instead try it on the mac. She was able to add the picture how and where she wanted, and left with a smile on her face.

Admittedly, the days we spent without Ms. Scheffer were not very action-packed; we had a lot of downtime to research and work on our own. I spent most of my time on Prezi, practicing adding media and researching new tricks. I even found the blogs of other students around the country working in similar student technology programs. It was not the most exciting week, but it helped bolster my confidence in Help Desk and my abilities to assist students and teachers.


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