Becoming “Comfortable” in Help Desk Weeks 1 and 2 :

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My first two weeks in Help Desk were action-packed to say the least. With only a few days of “experience” under my belt, my fellow classmates and I helped our first customer. We had not yet been instructed on proper customer service, as we had not been in Help Desk long enough. Regardless of this, we did the best we could to help explain Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google apps to her. We were momentarily stumped as to how to delete a single email in a conversation thread. We took to our computers and quickly found the solution: it could only be done on the computer. She left knowing much more than she had when she arrived, and we felt much more comfortable assisting her and other customers.

Although we learned a lot from customers and Ms. Scheffer within Help Desk, our ventures outside of our classroom were the ones in which I learned the most. We went to Mrs. Carey’s class, where a student was having trouble accessing a Youtube video in class because of restrictions. Ms. Scheffer taught us to type “ss” before “Youtube” in order to create a link that can be accessed by anyone. We also went to Mrs. Hoerle’s class and helped her students use iMovie. They were confused as to how to put captions on their video clips, so we showed them how to add and edit captions.

The main focus of the two weeks was proper customer service. With each student and teacher, we applied the acronym “WIRED” to assist us in how to treat them. When we had visitors from other schools visit, Chandler and I were tasked with showing them around and demonstrating how Burlington High School utilizes technology to facilitate learning. In the upcoming weeks, I hope to become more comfortable with various technologies and explaining them.


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